A gift that keeps on giving

Blogs Jason Cannon December 2, 2013

One of the best gifts you can give your employees this Christmas season is the gift of thanks. A nice fat bonus check would be pretty awesome, too.

Among the gifts that are free, a hefty pat on the back is always appreciated.

With a few exceptions, trucking is a tough industry right now and people at every level know it.

If carriers can’t get quality loads and/or drivers, there’s a trickle down that eventually lands in every service shop and the warehouses of every supplier in the industry.

I’ve coached my 9-year-old daughter’s little league softball team for several years, and from those experiences I’ve learned some of management’s greatest lessons; mostly about showing appreciation for exceptional effort, not necessarily exceptional results.

In business, just like sports, we all rise and fall together. But do all of your employees understand the roles they play, and how their contributions push the company toward goal?

Have you recognized the performance of an employee or department formally in front of their peers?

After every softball game, win or lose, we always had a brief team meeting. I asked the girls what they learned from the game, any key takeaways — like who the opposing team’s best hitters were, and if there was anything we should have done differently in the areas where I felt like we made mistakes.

All the while, I’m holding a dirty yellow ball that every girl on that team desperately wants to take home.

The game ball, when you’re 9, is the embodiment of personal success. It means more than an A in the fourth or fifth grade.

It means more because they earned it, and it was awarded to them in front of their peers and their parents.

Jason Cannon is Online Managing Editor for Truck Parts & Service.

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