A rolling tribute to 9/11 victims aided by trucking

Blogs Jason Cannon September 10, 2013

You’ll hardly find a more patriotic population base than the trucking industry. And when a worthwhile, good ‘ole America project needs some attention, you can bet the first group to ride the rescue will have 18 wheels underneath them.

The Remembrance Rescue Project is a not-for-profit created by firefighters to restore, preserve and showcase Rescue 4 and Rescue 5 – two of the first responder vehicles on the scene at the World Trade Center some 12 years ago Wednesday.

1rigs 2The trucks are used as traveling educational tools, historical artifacts and memorials. The Project is fully operated by firefighters from across the country who volunteer their time. Donations are used for fuel, maintenance and travel costs for the Rescues.

Last month, Continental Tire the Americas, LLC’s Commercial Vehicle Tire group, Detroit Diesel Corporation, Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products and Snider Fleet Solutions announced a cooperative sponsorship of the Remembrance Rescue Project.

During the terrorist attacks, all nine firefighters with the New York City Fire Department Rescue 4 unit, and all 11 firefighters assigned to Rescue 5, were killed at the World Trade Center complex.

The Project strives to keep the memories alive of those lost on September 11 and all firefighters killed in the line of duty every year.

Under the sponsorship, Continental will continue to provide replacement truck tires for the Remembrance Rescue Project. Continental began the sponsorship in 2012 and has provided sets of HTC1 steer and HDR2 drive tires for the rescues.

Detroit, the manufacturer of the original Series 60 engines in the Project’s two rescue trucks, is providing a multi-year donation of engine maintenance funds for the Project.

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