Bill Wade

Bill Wade is a partner at Wade & Partners and a heavy-duty aftermarket veteran. He is the author of Aftermarket Innovations. He can be reached at

Stop Doing What You Do Well: Managers Must Learn To Be Conductors

June 23, 2016

In looking at the great leaders of history—whether they are political leaders like Julius Caesar or business leaders like Steven P. Jobs—many people probably assume they must have taken a particularly active role in running their organizations. Caesar, after all, personally led his troops into Gaul, and Jobs was famous for checking the design of even the smallest inner workings of every product at Apple. But J. ...

Weaving the ‘Amazon Expectation’ into distribution’s future

June 1, 2016

CEO Study: What three things would you focus your business on to differentiate yourself in the marketplace?” The “Amazon Effect” has led to considerable growth and evolution in consumer expectations and behaviors over the past five years. Remembering the first law of sales (that purchasers are still humans—even on the job), it is logical to assume that personal experience will lead ‘industrial expectations.’ The last downturn continues ...

Envision Models Beyond Pick-Pack-and Ship

May 17, 2016

What is a business vision? It's not as mystical or out there as it sounds. A vision, quite simply, is a picture of what success will be at a particular time in the future. The ‘future state’ sought in Lean training. It encompasses answers to an array of questions: What does our organization look like to our customers and prospects? How big is it, and is ...

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