Bill Wade

Bill Wade is a partner at Wade & Partners and a heavy-duty aftermarket veteran. He is the author of Aftermarket Innovations. He can be reached at

You Have Enough Influence to Match Your Ambitions

October 6, 2016

Need to find experts within your company? Just ask. Ask fellow employees what they would change about their group, and you will get wide-ranging opinions—not just about their branch—but about the operations of the whole company: "Our website is clunky; at least five years out of date." "We need a new delivery truck, and we don’t have enough now!" "What exactly is our growth strategy?" "Why doesn’t the ...

2017 Planning vs. Fading Economy Statistics

August 30, 2016

My friend, distribution guru Bruce Merrifield, recently noted that Q2 earnings for publicly traded distributors aren’t pretty, “After netting out financial tricks, most distributors are reporting lower sales and profits.” This year’s real business planning conundrum: Going forward, will you fall for the benchmarking myth and be happy with just matching the top-of-otherwise-mediocre operations, cutting costs and trying harder? If any local markets are strongly outperforming last year, CONGRATULATIONS! ...

Why Teams Are Not Cocktail Parties: Recent Research at Northwestern Finds Five Common Faults

July 19, 2016

Give me a T…E…A…M! Teams are today’s solution everywhere. Industrial distribution says team selling is the future. Harvard Business Review says it is all about sharing a strong sense of group identity. Fleet magazines tout top maintenance organizations ‘Driven by Integrity, Accountability and Pride. Each member of the team is proud of what we do!’ If only things were that simple. Nobody sets out to lead an ineffective ...

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