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Alcoa Wheels rolls out photo sharing campaign

Alcoa Wheels Tuesday rolled out its first social media photo sharing campaign and contest. Alcoa Wheels encourages social media followers and contestants to follow the company on Twitter and now on Instagram; snap eligible photos of their trucks fitted with Alcoa Wheels in interesting environments, on the road or with their owner; and ...

New products from Dorman HD

Dorman HD Solutions released Tuesday several new "formerly dealer only" parts. New listings include EGR coolers, which includes all needed gaskets and hardware for a complete repair. Also, cab clearance lights for model year 1997-2014 Peterbilt trucks, and malfunction switches for model year 2005-2012 Volvo VN and VNL trucks.


Dynos are handy tools when used properly. When not used properly, they are significantly less handy but much funnier.

Car Test Gone Wrong=) Extremer auto test =)

The white stuff: Turning a white paper into a salesperson

Companies spend truckloads of cash every year on marketing initiatives for which they don’t even know how to calculate their return on investment. Print and digital advertisements and social media campaigns are key components in an effective marketing strategy, but there is much more out there that compliment them. A ...

Betts Company launches new corporate website

Betts Company has rolled out a new corporate website at The website serves as the centerpiece of a new branding initiative the company embarked upon this past year and helps introduce the six generation family owned and managed business to customers, prospects and the general public, the company ...

Do you actively capture and use customer data?

WABCO U graduates 100,000th participant

WABCO Holdings Inc.'s professional training organization, WABCO University, recently graduated its 100,000th participant. A record number of more than 14,000 customers from 51 countries completed training courses at WABCO University in 2013 alone, an increase of four percent compared to the previous year. In total, WABCO University conducted more than 1,200 ...

New lightweight sidewall

Supreme Industries has introduced a new lightweight sidewall, which the company says will allow fleet operators and other delivery truck owners to increase payload capacity, decreasing their overall operating costs per load. FiberPanel HC, the truck body side wall design exclusive to Supreme Industries, is now available on ...

Watson & Chalin introduces expedited shipping

Watson & Chalin introduced Tuesday its X-TRAC expedited shipping program. The program, the company says, allows customers to order up to three selected lift axles and have them shipped from a number of strategic locations throughout North America, with an expected delivery time of 48-72 hours. “In this time sensitive ...