Truck Parts and Service Staff

BBB Industries remanufacturing facilities recognized

BBB Industries, LLC announced that it has been approved as a participant in the Manufactured Again (MERA) Certification program. The Manufactured Again Certification program is designed to help both manufacturers and buyers by certifying that remanufacturing facilities meet the same quality standards as new manufacturing facilities. ...

Aftermarket service kit introduced

NEXIQ Technologies releases its Aftertreatment Service Kit. Part of the NEXIQ Diesel Tools and Accessories line, the Aftertreatment Service Kit is designed to be used during a cleaning routine to remove particulates and soot that impede or obstruct the honeycomb filter within the front face of ...

NEWSTAR adds variety of tracker bars, tender hoses

NEWSTAR has released an entire selection of tracker bars and tender hoses to its aftermarket parts line. NEWSTAR says a multitude of lengths and complete kit combinations are available. To learn more please view the products in the gallery below, or visit