Truck Parts and Service Staff

Engine and cab mount parts

PAI Industries has added six engine mount components to its heavy-duty product offering. There are five engine mounts and one cab mount among the new parts, which fit Freightliner, Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. For more on each part, please click through the images below.

New deck boards for loading docks

Ancra International introduces its Poly Deckboards to replace plywood boards found in most loading docks. Ancra says its new boards are 50 percent lighter than typical plywood and made with convenient hand slots providing better ergonomics for dock workers and allowing for better load optimization. The boards ...

Solar battery chargers

Purkeys introduces the Solar Bolt and Solar Dash, a pair of solar battery chargers for heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Purkeys says the Solar Bolt is installed on the roof of a trailer to provide a constant charge to electrical accessories such as liftgate batteries and reefers. ...