Distributor of the Year will be named later this month

News Jason Cannon December 27, 2013

Truck Parts & Service is less than three weeks away from anointing its Distributor of the Year. The nominees were unveiled in a series of articles over the past several months.

In case you missed it, in no particular order, they are:

Long Island Truck Parts

Dist-o-Year_logo_COLORBobby Naples says his father founded Long Island Truck Parts on the principle that there is no 9-to-5 in the aftermarket — and supported that with a willingness to do whatever it takes to help a customer — back in 1972 and it remains a cornerstone of the company’s business more than 40 years later.

Read the full profile on Long Island Truck Parts here.

Sadler Power Train

Providing providing industry knowledge and expertise is the way of life at Sadler Power Train.

Founded as a rebuilding and machining company called Sadler Machine Inc. in 1958, the business has grown considerably over the last five decades. It expanded into truck parts distribution in 1975 and now has four locations in Iowa, with two providing drive-in service and repair.

Read the full profile on Sadler Power Train here.


At Macpek, the goal to make customers’ lives easier stands above all others.

It is prominently displayed in its facilities and on its website. More than just a motto, it represents the company’s fundamental culture, philosophy and identity.

“Every decision we make in our business is done in the hopes of making [our customers’] lives easier,” says Jean-François Pouliot, president. “Without our customers we have no business, so every relationship we entertain with any customer is built on being able to help them.

Read the full profile on Macpek here.

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