Downtime: The constant headache

Blogs Lucas Deal March 11, 2013

Right now most dealers and service providers track downtime from when they receive a breakdown call to when they complete a repair. That’s great, but if a truck breaks down three days before that service provider is called, its downtime figures will be incorrect.

The Universal Downtime Tracking task force aims to fix that.

Porter hopes to create a method for fleets to communicate breakdown information to service providers so they are constantly aware of how long a vehicle has been out of service. Those interested in joining the task force can do so by contacting Porter at, and anyone who wants to follow the progress of the RP should come to TMC’s next meeting in September in Pittsburgh.

With all the money wrapped up in downtime, this is a problem that needs to be fixed. Fleet representatives at Monday’s task force meeting said downtime costs fleets an average of $600-650 per day.

“That starts to add up pretty fast,” Porter said.

Indeed it does. No wonder it’s such a bad word.

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