DOY Finalist: Parts For Trucks

News Truck Parts & Service Staff December 13, 2012

Continuing to expand its product line, markets served and customer base has allowed Parts for Trucks to continue to grow even when market conditions are soft. “When things get tough, having a diversified product range and diversified customer base really makes a difference, and I think was a big part of us getting through the recession,” says Paul Raymond, president.

Andy Raymond, vice president, administration, explains the Canadian distributorship has locations in both cities and rural environments.

“The urban environments have a heavy emphasis on construction, while the rural economies are more resource based.”

In addition, Parts for Trucks’ customers encompass small fleets, large fleets, construction companies, government fleets and utility companies.

Emphasis On Facilities

Parts for Trucks has moved to a number of new facilities in the past year and most recently moved into a new store in Newfoundland.

“We have a couple of other projects on the drawing board, which gives us momentum to continually improve what we offer to customers,” Paul says.

In fact, Andy believes Parts for Truck facilities have become part of the company’s brand. “A store that is pleasant to walk into, pleasant to do business in and that is a nice place to work is part of who we are,” he says.

Investing In IT

Facilities are not the only place where Parts for Trucks has made an investment. The distributorship has long invested in technology that helps it operate efficiently.

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