Filling a need: Specialization is a great way to carve out your niche

Management Lucas Deal June 11, 2013

LCTE2When you make a living in the distribution business, you know what it’s like to battle on price. Customers are always looking for the best deal, and if you only offer them the part they need, you better be affordable.

Fortunately for heavy-duty aftermarket distributors, commercial trucking fleets also appreciate value. While price is important, most fleets are willing to spend an extra dollar here and there for quality customer service, industry expertise and value added options from their distributors.

One way to wrap all of those characteristics together is to become a specialist.

Specialization in the aftermarket doesn’t require abandoning one aspect of your business for another; nor does it require investing overwhelmingly in one department at the expense of others. In this industry, specialization is simply the idea of finding something your business is good at and expanding your product offering and services in that area.

It’s all about finding your niche. The one thing your business can do to stand out.

The aftermarket is filled with businesses that have done just that. By following their lead, maybe you too can become a successful specialist.


Based in Cinnaminson, N.J., TransAxle has spent the last 34 years working to become one of the most respected transmission and differential distributors in the Northeast.

Originally founded in Canada as a drivetrain remanufacturing business, TransAxle now has six remanufacturing plants and 19 distributor locations stretching from Maine to South Carolina, and as far west as Tennessee. The company produces rebuilt automatic and manual transmissions, differentials, steering boxes, brake components and hydraulic systems to the heavy-duty aftermarket.

In addition to its rebuild business, TransAxle also sells and services OE aftermarket versions of those same components.

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