HDA Truck Pride stresses branding at annual meeting

Management Lucas Deal May 3, 2013

imageIf you want to get your company’s name out there, you promote your brand.

That was the topic of the marketing and business session at HDA Truck Pride’s annual meeting Thursday in Orlando.

In only its third year as the consolidated HDA Truck Pride, the group is working diligently to promote its brand nationwide, and is requesting its members to do the same.

“HDA Truck Pride wants to make its business the most important brand in the heavy-duty aftermarket,” Tina Alread, director of sales and marketing, told members during Thursday’s meeting. “We are asking our distributors to embrace our brand in your business.”

By using its member network to promote HDA Truck Pride, Alread says the business can build brand recognition much faster than it would if promoting the business solely from its company headquarters.

“Our members have to embrace our brand before we push it out to the industry,” she says.

Thursday’s marketing session also featured presentations by Kelly Dier of Marmon Highway Technologies, Marc Karon of CVSN and Bob Sundwick of Northwood University.

As the keynote speaker, Dier spoke about what Marmon has done to become a successful player in the commercial truck market – and how important the aftermarket has been in that growth. Dier says nearly one third of Marmon’s yearly revenue comes from the aftermarket.

He also warned the distributors in attendance to be prepared for change in the marketplace. Dier says no one can predict change; future business success will be determined by how businesses respond to change.

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