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Brooke Wisdom October 4, 2010

HDAW 2011 Speakers Announced

Organizers of the 2011 Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week announced that Donald R. Knauss, chairman and CEO of the Clorox Company, will be the keynote speaker at next year’s event, scheduled for Jan. 17-20 in Las Vegas.

According to the announcement, Knauss will share his insights and leadership strategies, complementing the meeting’s “Leadership – Strategies for Tomorrow” theme.

“Our responsibility as leaders is to ensure we have not only the best people, but we are putting those people in positions that maximize and take advantage of their talent,” said Knauss. “Leaders at the end of the day make their people and assets more productive and valuable. By driving effective strategy and by living your values everyday – you can inspire. You can drive real progress.”

Prior to joining Clorox, Knauss was executive vice president of The Coca-Cola Company and president and chief operating officer for Coca-Cola North America, president of the Retail Division of Coca-Cola North America, and president and chief executive officer of The Minute Maid Company, a division of The Coca-Cola Company. His career with The Coca-Cola Company spanned from 2000-2006.

Clorox – which includes the brands of Glad trash bags, S.O.S Pads, Kingsford charcoal and Green Works environmentally friendly cleaning products – has increased stockholder dividends for 32 consecutive years.

Additionally, Dr. Martin Regalia, senior vice president and chief economist with the U. S. Chamber of Commerce will provide his insights on the forces impacting the economy.

“Dr. Regalia is adept at explaining complex economic concepts in layman’s terms,” said Dave Willis, co-chair of the event. “Attendees can look forward to an up-to-date, clear-eyed view of everything from banking and credit markets to unemployment figures to interest rates, inflation and more. He will provide insight as to what to expect in the future – and how it will impact your business.”

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