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Blogs Jason Cannon December 15, 2013

Beginning later this week, Truck Parts & Service will begin its annual countdown of the Top 10 stories from 2013.

The selection of articles were based on the number of people who read them, and ranked accordingly. So, you may not see them as the most “newsworthy” in the traditional sense. They aren’t necessarily the “biggest” stories, but they are the most read by the Truck Parts & Service audience.

It’s been an interesting 2013 in trucking, and I’ve enjoyed putting headlines in your email inbox every weekday.

Not to steal some thunder from our Top 10 countdown, but I’d like to share some of my favorite articles from 2013.

One thing I believe most of our readers look forward to each year is seeing who will be named the Distributor of the Year. Last year, it was Midwest Wheel Companies. It’s a lot of fun to recognize those who contribute so much to our industry and we’re looking forward to honoring our next recipient next month.

An article we published back – fittingly – on the Fourth of July looked at the resurgence of American-made parts.

A recent Truck Parts & Service survey showed more than 60 percent of truck parts buyers only buy U.S.-made parts.

Among the respondents, 22 percent were more concerned with price and 11 percent gave manufacturing origin no consideration.

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