Making the most of CSA

Management Lucas Deal March 14, 2013

By logging in and searching fleets in your area, you can see exactly where your customers are succeeding and struggling under the new rules.

One of the most problematic areas of the Vehicle Maintenance BASIC is lamps and lighting. Trailer running lights, brake lights, turn lamps, headlights and hazards are viewed as incredibly important safety features under CSA due to their value to fellow drivers on the road.

A burned out trailer lamp is worth six points against a CSA score, says Tom Draper, marketing manager at Grote Industries. By comparison, a driver operating under the influence of alcohol is only worth five points, he says.

Burned out lights also are easy for law enforcement officials to see, which makes them a simple target when on patrol.

“It’s an easy category for points to add up,” Draper says. “I’ve seen fleets that have 1,500 points against them just for lighting.”

That’s an area where you can help. Let your customers know they’re at risk and let them know about the alternative.

Brad Van Riper, senior vice president of research and development and chief technology officer at Truck-Lite, says recent advancements in lighting technology have created LED lights that are stronger and longer lasting than the incandescent bulbs fleets have used for decades.

The new lights are more expensive up front, but less maintenance requirements make them cheaper when averaged out over the life of a truck or trailer, he says.

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