Truck Parts & Service Staff March 4, 2012

Developing Aftermarket Leaders

Program will focus on strategic leadership skill development.

Walk around any aftermarket convention or trade show and you will see a lot of gray-haired people. But sprinkled in will be some bright young faces — the future leaders of aftermarket businesses.

However, leadership skills are not necessarily something that spontaneous develop; they have to be taught.

Capitalizing on the strengths of its school of business, Northwood University is launching an intensive weeklong educational experience.

Heavy Duty Leadership is designed to foster the development of the next generation of heavy-duty parts distribution, manufacturing, service, association and fleet management professionals.

Having success with Leadership 2.0, an automotive aftermarket program, Northwood University’s University Of The Aftermarket is launching Heavy Duty Leadership to foster the development of the next generation of leaders in the heavy-duty aftermarket. Pictured here is a recent Leadership 2.0 class.

According to Brian Cruickshank, director of Northwood University’s University of the Aftermarket, “We expect to attract folks who have been identified by their organization as someone who is going to lead that organization at some point in time. It could be somebody early in their career. It could be somebody mid-career, but it also could be somebody late career who has been identified as somebody who is going to take over the business.”

The inaugural class will be held July 8-13, 2012 in the Sloan Family Building for aftermarket Studies at Northwood University’s Midland, Mich. campus.

Class size will be limited to 25 students. “We think 25 is the sweet spot to have a really meaningful academic experience,” Cruickshank says. “This is not a sit in the classroom and have somebody talk at you. This is a discussion-based educational forum.”

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