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Parts Truck Parts & Service Staff February 6, 2012

Fluid Leak Detection Dye

Tracer Products has released a new product geared toward uncovering leaks in petroleum-based fluid systems.

According to Tracer, Dye-Lite TP-3100 fluorescent dye pinpoints engine oil, hydraulic fluid, lubrication fluid, compressor oil and gearbox oil leaks.

To use, add a small amount of TP-3100 dye to the system and allow it to circulate for several minutes. Wherever there is a leak, Tracer says the dye escapes with the oil and accumulates at the site of each leak. The company then says to scan the system with a high-intensity Tracerline ultraviolet or blue light lamp. The dye will glow a bright yellow color to reveal the exact location of all leaks.

After the leaks have been repaired, scan the system with the light again. If there is no glow, Tracer says that means that all the leaks were fixed properly.

Tracer Products

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Improved Toolbox Wheels

Colson Caster has added new features and expanded the attributes of its 2 Series selection of stainless steel casters designed for industrial environments.

According to the company, the caster and its component parts are made from polished 304 grade stainless steel, and the fork assemblies have a double ball bearing raceway for greater durability.

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