Truck Parts & Service Staff January 1, 2013

Flexible Neck Torch Product

Snap-on introduces the Flexible Neck MIG Torch, designed for welding on exhaust pipes without needing to lower the exhaust system.

With its flexible neck, the torch can be placed in an infinite number of positions, ­Snap-on says.

The torch product also includes the torch cable, and is designed to work only with the Snap-on welding machines: MM140SL, MM250SL, MM350XL, MIG140, MIG220, YA212AIND and FM140A.

Snap-on, Text INFO to 205-289-3544 or visit

Tire Repair Digest

Pressure Systems International (PSI) is now offering a full set of Volume VI Commercial Fleet Tire Digest issues, as a printed spiral bound book.

PSI says the Commercial Fleet Tire Digest is a guide to reducing tire expenditures, launched in 2007 and published eleven times a year.

In each issue Al Cohn, director of new market development and engineering support for PSI, discusses a subject of particular interest to those concerned with tire safety, wear and cost as well as how to enhance fuel economy through tire technology and use, PSI says.

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