MEMA: Manufacturing is the nation’s largest employment segment

News Jason Cannon April 8, 2013

The total employment impact for the heavy-duty market segment is 779,000 jobs, providing $47 billion in wages and income and making up 0.5 percent of all wages and  salaries paid in the country in 2012.

Consistent with other market segments, at 32.1 percent, the manufacturing sector makes up the largest share of the heavy-duty supplier market segment total employment impact.

The 3.62 million total employees supported by motor vehicle parts manufacturing industry generates more than $220 billion in wages and income.

According to the report, OE suppliers make up the majority of the direct employment in the motor vehicle parts manufacturing industry. In 2012, OE suppliers directly employed 424,000 people – 58 percent of total industry direct employment.

The 2.13 million total employees supported by this market segment generate more than $129 billion in wages and income making up 1.5 percent of all U.S. wages and salaries paid in 2012.

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