Minimizer celebrates 30 years

Blogs Jason Cannon January 2, 2014

Great ideas are often born in the strangest places.

In Minimizer’s case, it was born in the trash…kind of.

Thirty years ago Lorraine Kruckeberg backed her car over a Rubbermaid trashcan. That seemingly mundane event inspired her husband, Dick, to develop heavy-duty poly truck fenders, which in-turn led to the founding of Spray Control Systems, Inc., which now does business as Minimizer.

gI_97983_30YearsIn the 30 years since 1984, Minimizer has grown from a one man, direct sales business into a nearly 60-person team with an international distribution base.

Minimizer’s product suite has also expanded.

Poly fenders aside, Minimizer also now offers an array of bracket kits, toolboxes, customized floor mats, LED lights, slick disks and decorated mud flaps for the aftermarket heavy-duty trucking industry.

The company also dressed up the product that gave birth to the company by developing chrome poly and carbon fiber poly.

“When I took control of Minimizer, I already knew we had an innovative company that led the industry in quality and customer satisfaction,” says Minimizer CEO and Chief Visionary, Craig Kruckeberg. “My goal was to capitalize on our superior reputation, create a strong distributor network, build our brand on our incomparable fenders and offer more groundbreaking products. We have accomplished our goals because of our innovative research and development team, our plant workers, the executives, office staff and sales team at Minimizer. They are the backbone to our success and longevity.”

Over the years, Craig Kruckeberg has won numerous awards and distinctions for growth and best practices in customer relations and entrepreneurship.

Twin Cities Business Magazine recognized the company’s four-generations-long commitment to family business, and the company has also been recognized with awards at trucking shows across the country as well as manufacturing and engineering excellence.

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