Minimizer rolling out wheel refurbishing kit

News Truck Parts and Service Staff January 2, 2014

gI_97987_TireMaskMinimizer says it will introduce a wheel painting and refurbishing kit next month.

The company says its Tire Mask kit comes with a Tire Mask that protects tires from paint and primer overspray which installs on the outside of the rim and covers the tire so users can spray the entire rim with a primer and paint.

Additional options include a Rim Shield and Hubb Cap protector to ensure a precise paint job on all wheel components.

Minimizer also created a demonstration video for users.

Minimizer says the product will be available for purchase Feb. 1 from its network of authorized distributors. It also includes Minimizer’s new VMRS codes.

  • John

    Cool products, these maskers really speed up the job. Been looking for something like this for years.