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Blogs Bill Wade November 14, 2013

Time to Look at Real Solutions for Wounded Warriors

As I write this, it happens to be Veterans’ Day (Armistice Day to those of my age). Certainly one does not have to go far to see most media wane patriotic (some overnight), and that is fine as far as it goes.

But what about the life experience of those for whom ‘Honor and Duty’ is more than a slogan. Severe injury or disability is a daily reminder of what it means to step up for one’s country and way of life.

I’ve been impressed by the non-partisan, non-government efforts of the Wounded Warrior Project. Their efforts to help those who have been injured in the military (and their families) is a great example of Americans’ having their backs’ at home.

While attending the AAPEX automotive show last week, I finally got lucky in Las Vegas. I met Captains Todd Monroe and Jeff Bacon from a group called the ‘Wyakin Warriors Foundation.’

These two former military leaders have turned their skills to enabling severely wounded and injured veterans achieve personal and professional success as business and community leaders.

As Todd and Jeff explained, “men and women join the military for several reasons, but they all share – and have demonstrated – a willingness to serve.  That spirit of service doesn’t go away when a warrior is wounded or injured, and we continue that commitment in the Wyakin Warrior program.”

Here Is How It Works

The Wyakin Warrior Foundation™ through its Wounded Warrior Academy™ is a nonprofit organization providing a comprehensive training package for wounded and injured veterans to include:

•  A full, four-year scholarship (room, board, books, tutoring, living expenses).

• Training seminars by the nation’s top business leaders and public officials.

• A multi-layered mentoring program consisting of three levels.

• Lifetime membership in a fraternal organization (The Wyakin Warrior Foundation™).

• Robust networking to secure employment in a satisfying and rewarding career.

The Wyakin Warrior program specifically targets wounded veterans who have the interest and motivation to contribute as leaders in business, government and/or their communities; but lack the education and training to do so.  They provide both.

Bill Wade is a partner at Wade & Partners and a heavy-duty aftermarket veteran. He is the author of Aftermarket Innovations. He can be reached at

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