Selling your shop’s analysis services

Sales & Marketing Lucas Deal November 22, 2013

WheelTime Tech 7The two highest variable costs in commercial trucking are fuel and maintenance. While the former grabs its fair share of headlines, maintenance isn’t something fleets take lightly.

A strong maintenance program greatly reduces a fleet’s overall expenses.

This is an area where your service department can be invaluable.

According to a survey released earlier this year by MacKay & Co., more than 80 percent of fleets are currently looking to outsource segments of their maintenance and service operations to reduce costs.

Fleets don’t have the time or staff to do everything anymore, and they’re willing to consider alternatives.

Developing an efficient, wide-ranging preventive maintenance (PM) program can take advantage of the opportunity customers are providing and ultimately benefit both sides.

To fleets, there is no more vulgar word than “downtime.” Having a truck and driver sidelined due to a breakdown limits the amount of freight that can be hauled, and money that can be made.

Preventive maintenance helps minimize that downtime.

The services offered in most PM stops today are standard, but how they are recorded and monitored are not. Service providers that offer high-quality PM tracking and evaluation have a significant selling point in the marketplace.

Any service facility can do an oil change. It’s the shop that also provides analysis on how that oil performed and maintenance advice from that analysis that ultimately wins an outsourcing fleet’s business.

And thanks to advanced management software programs, service data — once used just to document past work — can now be analyzed to uncover performance trends, potential failure risks and future service needs.

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