Bill Wade

Amazon begs your innovative response

By Bill Wade, Wade & Partners Nearly 30 percent of vehicle parts' retailers' business is vulnerable to Amazon. This becomes a much bigger deal, as research shows that a 25 percent revenue loss is the point at which channels collapse (see bookstores, music, taxicabs, newspapers, cameras and ...

2018: Plan YOUR Success, Not How to Emulate Other’s

By Bill Wade, Wade & Partners “It’s nice to have the ideas, and it’s great to hear about all the good things happening at other companies… But if you don’t take those ideas and try to lay them over your company to see how they may ...

It might be time to consider partnering with Amazon

By Bill Wade, Wade & Partners Please take a couple of minutes to consider the distribution revolution underway: Parts Suppliers Take a Hit from the Amazon Effect: E-commerce giants threaten both national parts distributors catering to big business and local shops. WSJ 8/20 Distributors reduce prices, ramp up e-commerce ...

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