Minimizer debuts 3D marketing tool

Minimizer is now offering 3D posters to its distributors to aid in marketing the company's products. "They come with several areas of the poster that are drawn out toward you to create that 3D look," says Caleb Ostrander, marketing specialist at Minimizer. The company says the posters are available for floor mats, toolboxes, slick plates and its single tire work bench.

Minimizer releases new catalog

Minimizer says its 2016 product catalog is now available for distributors. Minimizer says the catalog features products in three categories: on the truck; in the truck; fix the truck.

Minimizer introduces Fast Flaps

Minimizer continues to expand its aftermarket presence with the release of Fast Flaps. Minimizer says Fast Flaps secure mud flaps without creating any holes in the flap or sacrificing strength. It takes more than 500 lbs. of pressure to detach a mud flap from the Fast Flaps stainless steel bar, and the result doesn’t damage the flap. “Fast Flaps eliminate a huge headache,” says Craig Kruckeberg, Minimizer CEO ...

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