Properly Maintaining Hoses

Parts Truck Parts & Service Staff July 2, 2012

Both air and electrical cords that are chaffed, cracked, rubbing or dragging on the deck plate can result in CSA violations. In fact, failure to secure brake hose and tubing against mechanical damage is a four-point CSA violation.

Hose holders, tender spring kits and pogo sticks are all useful cable support accessories that will keep the hose and cords off the deck plate, according to Phillips Industries.

When not in use the hose on the back of a tractor needs to be secured in a hose holder and not strapped to the deck plate.

Preventable damage caused by non-angled storage.

When choosing a plug holder, Phillips recommends a non-metallic angled version because they are said to be resistant to corrosion.

In addition, an angled plug holder allows the user to keep both feet on the ground when storing the cables. According to Phillips, 36 percent of trucker-related worker’s compensation claims come from working in the area between the truck and the trailer.

An angled holder is said to put less strain and pressure at the point where the plug and cable are connected. Too much strain can eventually damage the cables.

Tender spring kits help prevent chaffing and rubbing of cords on the deck plate, Phillips says. A kit consists of a sliding bar, a tender spring and a hose holder.

Phillips recommends the sliding bars, which are mounted on the back of the truck, be made of stainless steel. Since stainless steel does not rust, it allows the tender spring to slide back and forth across the sliding bar with ease as the truck turns.

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