Top 10 of 2013: Finding, keeping and training a tech

News Jason Cannon December 26, 2013

The No. 3 story from Truck Parts & Service took an in-depth look at the challenges facing today’s technicians as technology continues to evolve.

David Milne, with the Automotive Training Managers Council (ATMC), says today’s techs are facing a unique challenge rarely seen before.

“We are currently training technicians for jobs that we don’t know what they’ll be like,” he says, adding that the continual evolution of on-board computers has pushed available training to its limits. “Throughout (the technicians’) careers, probably every component on that truck is going to have an electrical tie in with it.”

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“What is a vehicle now,” Tom Kotteno with Snap-on Nexiq asks. “It is a group of computers; a group of sensors.”

Darry Stuart, President and CEO of DWS Fleet Management Services, says that while technicians’ skills can vary, one asset is a must.

“They need a CDL,” he says. “That’s number one. If for nothing else, that training gives them some basic awareness and basic repair skills.”

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