Wait for Weight?

By Robert Dieli, RDLB, Inc. Those of us in the trucking sector know that there are always multiple forces at work behind trucking activity. While most of our attention is devoted to the tangible measures of that activity, such as tonnage and mileage, we also need to keep track of the intangibles, such as the regulations that govern the movement of freight, and by extension, the movement of ...

Staying on the good side of the trend line

July 30, 2016

Last month Frost & Sullivan released a new report addressing what the research firm has determined as the “Top 10 trends in the North American Mediumand Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket.” Though I was unable to access the full report, an executive summary and press release helped me find the report’s top trends and some aftermarket predictions from the Frost & Sullivan team that produced the document. Grouped ...

Are you prepared for the AMT revolution?

July 22, 2016

Late last week I published a special report for Successful Dealer detailing the breakneck pace in which automated manual transmissions (AMTs) are being adopted in new heavy-duty trucks. In it, I reported more than two thirds of dealers responding to a recent Successful Dealer survey claim to be specifying more AMTs for customer orders this year over last year, and amongst those responders, more than a ...

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