Smoothing the Flow of Parts from Supplier to Distributor

By Dave Lindeen, senior vice president of sales, Corcentric With the increased focus on uptime, having the right part at the right place at the right time has become even more critical. One of the challenges is getting parts from suppliers to distributors and into the hands of fleets and owner-operators in a seamless process. To be successful in the truck parts aftermarket, distributors and suppliers ...

Envisioning Amazon Aftermarket Effects 2019

May 18, 2017

As May, 2017 reaches its halfway point, CNBC this week noted the 20th anniversary of Amazon (AMZN) going public. Had we invested $10,000 in their IPO, we would enjoy a holding worth well over $5 million today. On this anniversary, AMZN has twice the market cap of Walmart and represents 1+ percent of retail sales in the United States. It is just finding its footing worldwide, ...

Are Your Automated Systems Customer Friendly?

April 28, 2017

In the last couple months between work and personal business, I have needed to contact a number of companies for various things. This has meant interfacing with company voicemails and websites, with good and, unfortunately, far too many not so good experiences. I am all in favor of automated voice systems/websites where you can access information you need as long as two requirements are met: efficiency ...

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