Stop Doing What You Do Well: Managers Must Learn To Be Conductors

June 23, 2016

In looking at the great leaders of history—whether they are political leaders like Julius Caesar or business leaders like Steven P. Jobs—many people probably assume they must have taken a particularly active role in running their organizations. Caesar, after all, personally led his troops into Gaul, and Jobs was famous for checking the design of even the smallest inner workings of every product at Apple. But J. ...

Q1 in Review

June 8, 2016

May is here on the calendar, and in Chicago we wish it would show up outside. Every month numbers get reported on previous month’s business activities for the economy in total and for specific industries. April provides the opportunity to look back over the first-quarter performance. Part of our focus at MacKay & Company is providing an outlook on the aftermarket parts sales for medium- and ...

A cheat code for aftermarket communication

June 7, 2016

Building standard operating procedures is a cornerstone of any good business. Best practices and lean operations help drive efficiency, productivity and business success. In no industry is that more clear than ours, where speed and efficiency in serving customers takes precedent over everything else. When a truck is down, there’s no such thing as free time. I’ve always been impressed by how the independent aftermarket takes that ...

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