The toughest part of the job

December 6, 2016

It’s only Tuesday and this week is already agonizing. Why, you ask? Because this is Distributor of the Year decision week for Truck Parts & Service.  This is the week my stomach is perpetually in knots as ...

‘Prime’-type delivery has been an industry standard for years

By John Moery, MacKay & Company Since 1998 MacKay & Company has generated quadrennial reports of the truck and trailer service labor market associated with nearly 600 components. The latest of these service studies was released in early 2016. What are some common trends in truck service requirements among fleet operators and their relationship to current service practices among providers? Among all respondents to the Truck and Trailer Service ...

Never forget about PEOPLE

November 28, 2016

How do you lead in your business? Are you a ‘first one in, last one out’ jack of all trades who leads by example? Or are you more of a coach? Always teaching, instructing and encouraging your people. Maybe you’re neither. Maybe you’re more a delegator. You train your people to do their jobs and then stand back and let them do it. In my time in the ...

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