Are you prepared for the AMT revolution?

July 22, 2016

Late last week I published a special report for Successful Dealer detailing the breakneck pace in which automated manual transmissions (AMTs) are being adopted in new heavy-duty trucks. In it, I reported more than two thirds of dealers responding to a recent Successful Dealer survey claim to be specifying more AMTs for customer orders this year over last year, and amongst those responders, more than a ...

Why Teams Are Not Cocktail Parties: Recent Research at Northwestern Finds Five Common Faults

July 19, 2016

Give me a T…E…A…M! Teams are today’s solution everywhere. Industrial distribution says team selling is the future. Harvard Business Review says it is all about sharing a strong sense of group identity. Fleet magazines tout top maintenance organizations ‘Driven by Integrity, Accountability and Pride. Each member of the team is proud of what we do!’ If only things were that simple. Nobody sets out to lead an ineffective ...

Words of Wisdom

By Molly MacKay Zacker, MacKay & Company With tons of buzz words flying around, I keep coming back to those pegged as “words of wisdom.” Maybe it is because I am always looking for them or maybe it is the need to apply someone’s (anyone’s) wisdom to the current situation, whatever it may be. Lately, there is a fair amount of gloom and doom and maybe it ...

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