Meritor recognizes top supplier partners

Meritor, Inc., on Thursday announced recipients of its third annual Supplier Partner Awards recognizing 21 North America companies that exceeded Meritor's requirements for excellence in quality, delivery, cost savings and innovation. The awards were presented at a ...

Battery charger from Purkeys

Purkeys has developed the 100 amp Pack Accelerated Charger (PAC) to quickly and safely charge batteries in nearly half the time of other chargers. Purkeys says the PAC is an excellent solution to help customers keep their batteries at a good state of charge during cold winter months. It is well known that cold weather makes it harder to crank a motor. This, added to the extra ...

New sales manager at Buyers Products

Buyers Products has added David Vollmert as its district sales manager. In this position, Vollmert manages the southwest sales accounts located in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Buyers Products says Vollmert plans to cultivate and provide support for these southwestern accounts. Vollmert brings more than six years of experience as a southwestern regional sales manager for Weatherguard/Knaack. “We give a very warm welcome to David ...

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