New Bendix Tech Tips addresses heat transfer in braking

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, LLC, has released its newest Bendix Tech Tips piece addressing the science behind heat transfer in braking. “In commercial vehicle drum brake applications, temperature’s critical role begins at the engagement point between ...

New website lists aftermarket scholarship opportunities

The University of the Aftermarket Foundation has launched a new website at The new site features the foundation’s mission, latest news and donor information, and makes it easy for visitors to apply online for one of the hundreds of scholarships awarded each year by the foundation, the Foundation says. “We recently introduced a new contemporary brand identity for the University of the Aftermarket Foundation. The next ...

Qwik Tech Tips offers guidance to minimizing winter corrosion

"Minimizing and Managing Winter Damage" is the theme of this month's issue of Phillips Industries' Qwik Tech Tips. The newsletter says cold and damp winter weather can do a real number on trucks, and that winter weather combined with de-icing chemicals can cause a variety of vehicle problems, especially within the electrical system. For vehicle owners and service providers tasked with fighting those issues, "there are steps you can ...

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