Transporter provides integral support to championship run

Jason Cannon December 10, 2012

This year, Collins finds himself associated with one of NASCAR’s hottest rising young stars.

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Mode of Transportation

On Sundays, Keselowski straps himself into the No. 2 Dodge machine for a three-hour, 200 mile per hour dash. Collins buckles himself behind the wheel of a 2012 Freightliner Coronado, which goes significantly slower, about four days earlier.

“We get new trucks about every two or three years,” Collins, who has piloted a Coronado since 2002, said.

The miles add up on the Coronado at a rate comparable to other single-driver rigs – about 80,000 miles in a nine-month season.

“Depending on the schedule, we’ll leave out late Wednesday or early Thursday,” Collins said. “Usually, we’ll get back late Sunday night.”

Monday is generally a day off for the team, as is half of the day Tuesday. However, some stretches in the season can obliterate down time.

“Sonoma is our longest trip,” he said of the haul from the team’s Charlotte, N.C. garage to Northern California. “That’s a 48 hour drive. We’ll leave from the shop for Sonoma, come back to the shop and head straight to New Hampshire. It’s coast-to-coast in about four or five day’s time.”

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