PressurePro announces national installation partner

Truck Parts and Service Staff

September 24, 2013

pressure_proAdvantage PressurePro has formed a partnership that brings Velociti’s installation, project management and training services to PressurePro customers and allows more rapid deployment of PressurePro’s money making technology to fleet customers.

“Tire Pressure Monitoring technology provides significant, measureable savings for commercial fleets and Velociti has proven its ability to help fleets maximize these savings by deploying the solution in a rapid, professional manner,” says Deryk Powell, President of Velociti. “We’re pleased that Advantage PressurePro recognizes the importance of including Velociti as an integral piece of a turnkey solution for its customers.”

“As we continue to work closely with nationwide customers, it’s important to us to have a reliable installation house that not only has a deep understanding of the vehicles we are installing to, but also has a profound knowledge of our products and expectations as the leader in our market,” Phillip Zaroor, President and CEO of PressurePro, says. “We work hard to maintain top level customer service and expect our installers, who we view as an extension of our offices, to do the same.”

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