Accuride debuts low-maintenance ROLLiant hub system

Truck Parts and Service Staff

September 27, 2017

ROLLiant hub systemAccuride Corporation has introduced the ROLLiant hub system from KIC, the first long-life, low maintenance hub system to come with a 10-year warranty.

Accuride says the technology has been designed for North American commercial vehicle fleets seeking long-life hub performance, and truck and trailer OEMs who want to simplify wheel end installation and boost throughput during assembly. Accuride introduced the technology at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show (NACV) in Atlanta.

“KIC’s engineers developed ROLLiant in response to industry demand for a more affordable hub system that was easy to install and maintain, and could last the life of both trucks and trailers. Its patent-pending technology maintains tight wheel-bearing tolerances for safe, reliable performance and enables us to offer industry-leading warranties for truck and trailer applications,” says KIC President John Schneider.

Proper wheel bearing adjustment is critical to achieving safe, reliable performance that enables long-life truck and trailer operation.  Accuride says a deviation in adjustment – even the width of a human hair – can mean the difference between safe, reliable hub system performance and premature tire wear, wheel seal failure and premature bearing failure.


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The ROLLiant system’s patent-pending extended bearing cone technology improves on existing precision bearing systems to keep wheel bearings in tight, consistent alignment year after year. Accuride says ROLLiant works with both straight-spindle and tapered-spindle hub designs and does not need specialized spindle nuts or extra parts. Each ROLLiant hub is assembled with 100 percent endplay inspection and serialization for complete traceability and optimal bearing life. This and its unique design features enable ROLLiant to deliver safe, consistent, low-maintenance hub performance for the life of the vehicle, the company says.

Additionally, Accuride says other features include

  • Precision-machined hub with fill port for easy lubrication.
  • Pre-installed ROLLiant extended bearing cones
  • Bearing cups installed
  • Factory-installed seal
  • Spindle nut system
  • Hubcap and gasket
  • Patent-pending packaging maintains Accuride’s stringent hub cleanliness standards.

Accuride says ROLLiant will feature a 10-year warranty for trailer applications and a 7-year warranty for trucks.

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