Advancements in Trucknology

Jason Cannon

February 14, 2013

A truck is a complex machine. Hundreds of moving parts, an internal combustion engine, onboard computer and a list of nuts, bolts, sensors and other “things”.

When you think about advancements in technology on the truck, you generally think of a couple things; the engine and the computer.

Those are the sexy parts of the truck, but advancements are made on all almost everything under the hood and between the wheels, and each contributes to its operating efficiency.

In an upcoming Truck Parts & Service series, “Trucknology”, we’ll look at the most basic components of the truck – lights, lubricants and brakes, among many others – and see how they have advanced over the years.

Be on the lookout as this weekly series begins soon with a look at shocks.

Jason Cannon is Online Managing Editor of Truck Parts & Service. Email him at Follow him on twitter at@by_jason_cannon.

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