Aerosmart skirting EPA certified

Jason Cannon

March 5, 2013

Sustainable Aerodynamic Concepts’ Aerosmart trailer skirting has received EPA SmartWay certification.

Manufactured in Northwest Arkansas exclusively by military veterans, Aerosmart trailer skirting is made with materials reclaimed from scrap semi trailers with repurposed aluminum from donated, decommissioned semi-trailers.

Features of the Aeromsmart trailer skirting include:
• Aluminum sheet construction allows for custom colors and logos.
• 3-panel, dock-friendly design accommodates quick and easy installation while streamlining replacement of damaged panels.
• 6-inch flexible and durable rubber edge; decreases contact damage and increases the skirting’s life cycle; repurposed from mining conveyor belts.
• Fits various old and new trailer types, improving performance of existing fleets.
• Driver friendly, requiring no maintenance aside from regular inspection.
• Air flow reduction improves aerodynamics and fuel savings and also reduces road spray, improving the truck driver’s visibility along the sides of the trailer and increasing safety for other road users.
• 1-Year Warranty

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