Another parts search option

Lucas Deal

July 23, 2013

Another option for tracking down non-stocked parts I didn’t mention in my July feature on finding parts was the Internet.

There are places online to find, buy and ship parts immediately. and are two sites designed to cater directly to the heavy-duty aftermarket that have been launched in recent years. Each site matches parts sellers and distributors with customers in their area needing parts.

MOTOR Information Systems also has an online tool called FleetCross that allows customers to search for OE and aftermarket parts across a variety of databases to find the closest part available.

Between these sites and the independent distributor-operated parts sites out there, cyberspace has a lot of options to help you track down the part you need.

So if your contact list comes up empty, don’t give up hope. Just sit down, log in and see what the Internet has to offer.

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