ATRO adds to product offering

In a continued effort to meet customers’ needs, ATRO Engineered Systems has expanded its aftermarket parts on three key suspensions – the Freightliner TufTrac, Neway ADZ and Volvo T-Ride, according to an announcement.

“Through innovative design and engineering, ATRO continues to provide solutions for heavy trucks. Whether it’s these new suspensions or a longstanding suspension, ATRO looks to offer the finest parts to get your truck back on the road and stay on the road longer,” says Leslie Brock, ATRO executive vice president.

Freightliner TufTrac

  • Upper and lower spring pads with updated designs for stress reduction, durability and ride quality
  • Complete torque rods and replacement bushings featuring ATRO’s rotating pin design for easier installation

Neway ADZ

  • Complete V-Rod assemblies
  • Individual V-Rod bushings and complete V-Rod rebush kits
  • Apex bushing available separately, not available through OE

Volvo T-Ride

  • Load springs with polyurethane formulated to absorb shock and dampen vibration for better ride quality
  • Complete fixed length or adjustable torque rods with ATRO’s rotating pin design for easier installation
  • Complete V-Rod assemblies using a low friction, high abrasion, and wear resistant polyurethane
  • V-Rod and torque rod bushings

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