Bergstrom adds to product line up

Bergstrom Inc. has introduced an addition to its popular NITE no-idle lineup – the NITE Phoenix Space Saving Innovation (SSI) system.

The NITE Phoenix SSI is a battery-operated A/C split system that has the highest cooling capacity of any battery-powered, no-idle system on the market, the company says. It features Bluetooth technology and is designed to fit all sleepers.

“The NITE Phoenix SSI is a powerful addition to our line of NITE systems and we are very pleased to be able to help drivers in hot climates stay cool,” says Christophe Barreau, Bergstrom’s managing director of No-Idle products in North America.

“Operators will rest easy knowing they will sleep comfortably with the NITE system in place.”

Other key features include:

  • Plastic internal unit, durable external condenser assembly
  • Automatic digital temperature control for optimum comfort at driver’s fingertips
  • Controls provide service diagnostics
  • Installs easily under bunk
  • Highest ROI in the industry due to extremely low maintenance requirements
  • Rotatable blower assembly to aid in adapting to OEM ductwork in select applications
  • Aluminum framed recirculation filter gives extended coil life
  • Serviceable evaporator coil, receiver drier and TXV
  • Brushless motors in compressor, evaporator blower and condenser fan for extended life

The NITE Phoenix SSI can reduce fuel usage by as much as $3,800 in gallons of fuel per year, based on diesel prices of $3 per gallon, 8-cylinder engine, 1,000 idling RPM, eight idling hours per day, 240 days per year, the company says.

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