Bergstrom Inc. acquires Dirna S.A.

Jason Cannon

February 8, 2013

Bergstrom Inc. has acquired Dirna S.A., the company announced Friday.

Dirna S.A., based in Madrid, Spain, is a manufacturer of air conditioning systems to the European Commercial Truck market, for off-highway construction and agricultural machinery and for other field industrial and road vehicles.

Jack Shaffer, President and CEO of Bergstrom Inc., says the acquisition was a compliment to his company’s NITE No-idle systems, as Dirna also has an extensive range of vehicle cooling solutions, electrical standalone air conditioning systems, compact roof units and evaporative cab coolers.

“Dirna has an excellent reputation as the leader in Europe of no-idle products with a strong customer base and robust international presence,” he says. “In addition to excellent growth opportunities in Europe, there are applications for Dirna’s products throughout the developing countries of the world.”

The company will operate under the name Dirna Bergstrom S.L.U.

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