BettsHD debuts scalable point-of-sale program

BettsHD has announced the availability of “BettsHD Profit Creator” a new point-of-sale (POS) program.


Betts Company recognized for efforts in education

Betts Company has been named a 2014 Business Partnership award winner by the Fresno Compact.

This flexible, scalable POS program is designed to help customers accelerate sales and increase profits, the company says.

“Since we rebranded the division as BettsHD in 2013, we have been creating new support materials for customers to display at their retail locations,” says Bill Betts, vice president, Betts Company. “We believe attractive point-of-sale materials support a successful marketing program and our new program allows customers to pick and choose the right POS assets that fit their profile.”

The BettsHD Profit Creator includes premium, standard and barrel product displays, banners, posters, counter mats, window clings, notepads and pocket size USB drives, along with the company’s Popular Parts Guide, marketing brochure and pin point cards, the company says. Other marketing materials will be added to the program as needed.

BettsHD Profit Creator is available directly from BettsHD. For more information, visit

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