Champion releases new grease

Jason Cannon

May 6, 2013

gI_131374_4053T-PhotoChampion has released a new tacky, multi-purpose, high temperature grease.

Poly 7 Red incorporates polymer technology, premium additive technology, hydro-treated base oils and a lithium complex thickening system, Champion says. Additive and polymer technologies ensure maximum lubricity and adhesion, resistance to water washout, and resistance to sling-off. Tackiness additives keep this grease in place under high pitch line speeds, and provide ease of application.

Champion Poly 7 Red’s premium combination of additives is also resistant to oxidation, rust and corrosion. Extreme-pressure chemistry and polymer technology work together to ensure reduced wear, especially under extreme shock loads, and protects against scuffing, spalling, fretting, and pitting of bearings, gears, and bushings.

High base oil viscosity index improves pumpability while offering higher protection at high operating temperatures, while lithium complex thickening provides for high run-out resistance at very high operating temperatures, the company says.

Champion Poly 7 Red meets the requirements of the NLGI GC-LB specification for vehicle wheel bearing and chassis lubrication.

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