Could you survive Truckpocalypse?

Jason Cannon

December 20, 2012

Sometime Friday, the world will come to a catostrophic and complete end. Well…Maybe not.

Those who cling tightly to their Mayan calendars are undoubtedly preparing for the worst on Dec. 21, 2012. The rest of us are probably going about our normal daily routines. However, there is one apocolyptic scenario that would bring all of our daily routines to a grinding halt and it doesn’t involve giant meteors, mass destruction – or even Mayans.

What if the world’s 3 million trucks suddenly stopped rolling?

This issue – dubbed Truckpocalypse – is examined in an interactive graphic on

If you’re not a full survivalist who lives solely off the animals and berries you gather in the woods, Truckpocalypse would quickly affect your life.

To view the Truckpocalypse graphic, CLICK HERE. 

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