Dayco adds 500-plus new parts

Jason Cannon

January 31, 2013

Dayco Products, LLC announced Thursday the release of 520 new parts for the automotive and heavy duty markets.

Included in the release are 10 Poly Rib belts; 99 radiator/heater hoses; 27 tensioners; 18 pulleys; 6 timing belts; 20 hydraulic timing tensioners; 27 timing kits; 248 hydraulic couplings and 55 hydraulic hoses.

“Dayco is not just releasing more parts, but continues to focus on expanding our coverage,” Bob Waibel, Director of Product Management for Dayco Products, says. “This includes adding new applications to existing parts as long as our strict engineering specifications are met. This will help to lessen the inventory burden our distributor partners continue to face every day.”

All parts are now available through Dayco’s distributors throughout North America.

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