Double Coin to raise price on various products

Truck Parts and Service Staff

September 22, 2017

Double Coin Tires and CMA announces a general price increase for Double Coin produced TBR, High Speed Crane and ROTR products beginning Nov. 1, 2017.

Due to current pricing pressures, CMA says it is initiating a general price increase of up to 6 percent with some in-line price adjustments on Double Coin TBR, High Speed Crane and ROTR products as well as private label products.

“The continuing increases in costs of the raw materials and additives used in manufacturing have prompted CMA to increase prices. While other manufacturers are facing the reality of raw material shortages in China’s domestic marketplace, we have been able to secure the necessary materials to meet our production requirements, insuring timely deliveries to all our customers,” says Tim Phillips, vice president of Marketing & Operations, CMA.

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