Highway and Heavy Parts carrying International DT466 diesel engine parts

Jason Cannon

August 29, 2013

Highway and Heavy Parts has added International DT466 diesel engine parts to its stock, expanding the company’s offering to completely cover most model years.

The inline six cylinder DT466 is one of the most popular mid-range engines on the market today, with applications ranging from agricultural, emergency vehicles, on and off-road equipment and school buses.

HHP’s Nathan Isler says the company keeps a large number of the two valve and four valve DT466 heads in stock, complete with new valves, guides, springs, and retainers installed. HHP also uses a recasting process, not a welding process on their cylinder head cores.

The DT466 engine inframe rebuild kits are also kept in ready supply. The kits allow customers to easily rebuild their engines at low cost that saves them 30-plus percent when compared to original equipment pricing. These DT466 kits contain pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, rod bearings, main bearings and all needed gaskets.


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