Horton doubles fan drive reman facility

Jason Cannon

April 24, 2013

Citing growing demand for its remanufactured fan drives, Horton, Inc. has doubled the size of its Britton, S.D. remanufacturing building.

The addition to Horton’s remanufacturing building has further advanced and streamlined the remanufacturing process and provides for future growth, the company says. Windows, installed throughout the building, also let in more natural light, as part of the company’s “green” efforts.

“The larger manufacturing area provides space for additional remanufacturing team members as product demand increases,” Jim Boyko, director of manufacturing at Horton, says.

Horton’s remanufacturing program keeps products and materials out of landfills and offers customers an economical product of uncompromising quality. Obsolete and damaged parts are replaced, and remanufactured fan drives are rebuilt to the same specifications as the newest models.


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