How transparent is your operation?

Lucas Deal

November 6, 2013

Last week I wrote an article for Successful Dealer’s weekly newsletter on improving transparency in the workplace. Defined as “a situation in which business and financial activities are done in an open way,” transparency is a great method to build trust and cohesiveness between a management team and staff.

I think it’s incredibly important in all areas of the aftermarket.

Just take a look at your business. Is everyone on the same page? Does everyone know why they do what they do, and how what they do makes your business successful? Do they know why you do what you do as a business leader?

All of this information matters when trying to run a prosperous business.

A well-connected and sociable staff is infinitely more likely to grow your business over a group of employees operating as islands, with no understanding or awareness of how their responsibilities affect anyone else.

Communication and cooperation breed success, and transparency builds a likelihood of both.

For a better idea of what I mean, check out the linked article above on Successful Dealer.

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