Jim Pancero to keynote upcoming Distributor Training Expo

Lucas Deal

December 12, 2017

Distributor Training Expo (DTE) co-organizers GenNext and the Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN) announced Tuesday that award winning keynote speaker, thought leader and sales expert Jim Pancero will present at the 2018 DTE from April 20-22, 2018, in Atlanta.

Pancero’s keynote Saturday during the opening general session is entitled, “We need Arsonists…not Firefighters!’ Shifting from reactive supporters into proactive initiators”

Pancero says distributors should no longer be still functioning as just “order takers” to customers, but instead should be selling as “Trusted Advisors?” Successful selling in today’s competitive markets is no longer founded on just servicing and supporting a customer. Pancero will teach attendees how even experienced counter reps can sell more (and at higher margins) by bringing your best customers new solutions and challenging the way your buyers have done business in the past. A detailed workbook and action guide will be provided to all attendees, organizers say.


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HDAW announces speakers Aftermarket Briefings educational session

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Additionally, Pancero also will do two breakout sessions, one for counter sales people, “Mastering the sales call – Selling skills for the Parts Counter Professional,”and “How to Lead Your Sales Team to a Competitive Advantage.” Event organizers say the first session will address sales people, who are experts in helping their customers find the best parts to solve and repair their trucks. But how strong are their selling skills and ability to control a sales call?

The second breakout session for supervisors, managers and owners will teach professionals how to spot if a sales team is functioning as a collection of independent gun fighters each choosing their own targets and their own selling message, or a trained sales team with process, structures, strategy and direction? Pancero’s presentation will allow attendees to learn the sales leadership “best practices” that can most impact a team’s market share and profitability.

Event organizers says registration is currently underway for the third installment of the popular Distributor Training Expo. To date 152 (of 200) distributor spots have been booked, so interested distributors should register today HERE.

Supplier openings also are available, and interested suppliers can register HERE.

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