Karmak announces new partnership

Lucas Deal

July 13, 2017

Karmak on Wednesday announced its new integration with Modula, a high-quality storage and retrieval solution designed to optimize space and improve warehouse management.

The integration of Karmak Fusion to the Modula WMS software will provide an exchange of accurate and continuous information between the two systems. Karmak Fusion allows both parts and service orders to be sent directly to the Modula Vertical Lift Machine (VLM). With Fusion optimizing the order management, picking and replenishment options are improved, leading to substantial productivity gains.

Karmak says customers and technicians will now get their parts faster as the Modula Lift System provides centralized, secure storage of parts. Parts are delivered to the Modula user, eliminating climbing, bending, or reaching to pick parts from shelving or bins. Karmak says Modula VLM units can store as much inventory as up to 80 bays of static shelving. Dealers and distributors can recover as much as 90 percent of valuable floor space currently allocated to parts storage and increase their revenue by adding additional service bays or stocking more inventory.

For more information on Modula, visit www.modula.us.

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