Meritor offers air maintenance tips for brake systems

Lucas Deal

September 7, 2017

technical bulletin
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On this CVSA’s annual Brake Safety Day, Meritor has released a technical bulletin for service centers and technicians regarding air system maintenance.

The bulletin, shown at right, provides replacement guidance for many components within a heavy-duty braking system, noting when to replace each part, and why.

Meritor says “even a perfectly maintained and adjusted foundation brake will not function properly if the air system is contaminated. Oil contamination can lead to premature failure of vehicle systems that rely on clean air for proper operation (including the air brake, engine emissions and drivetrain systems). Many of these advanced technology systems require coalescing dryers/cartridges which have been OEM standard on most vehicles since 2010.

“Maintaining a clean and dry air system is always important (as water in the system can result in costly repairs). As winter approaches and outside air temperatures drop, regular service intervals of the air system need to be continued.”

Additionally, Meritor says to follow all safety instruction when performing any maintenance. For more information, the company says to check out Meritor WABCO Maintenance Manual 34.

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