Mitchell 1 offers tips on DEF analysis

Truck Parts and Service Staff

November 26, 2014

In a Shop Connection Blog post from Mitchell 1, the Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG) offers tips on how to determine if Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) has been contaminated with common vehicle fluids. It’s a quick tip, but valuable information because contaminated DEF can damage system components and make the fluid ineffective in reducing emissions.


New DEF dispensing hose

New DEF dispensing hose

Husky Corporation now offers dispensing hoses for diesel exhaust fluid. With the DEF dispenser, the company has now completed a DEF product line that includes Husky ...

Valuable service tips like this, as well as product navigation highlights, will be found in the Shop Connection Blog, Mitchell 1’s newest communication tool offering solutions to everyday problems facing truck operators and maintenance personnel. The Shop Connection Blog for trucks can be accessed on the Mitchell 1 website at

Mitchell 1’s CVG team is in a unique position to blog about a wide range of truck maintenance issues for Class 4-8 trucks. Through their development and continuous updates of their online labor time estimator, diagnostics and repair programs for all-makes of medium and heavy duty trucks, the company says its has a high-level view to understand potential system-wide problems. In the blog, they will regularly share useful “Did You Know” maintenance information as well as “Tips and Tricks” for using Mitchell 1’s suite of software products for the trucking industry.

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