Navistar to host SAE International Diesel Academy

Jason Cannon

August 23, 2013

SAE International has selected Navistar, Inc. to serve as the host company for the 2013 Diesel Engine Technology Engineering Academy.

Navistar will host the event at its World Headquarters in Lisle, Ill.

The Academy, which will be held Oct. 21-25, is a comprehensive and immersive training experience taught by leading subject matter experts.

The Academy consists of five days of intensive training consisting of lecture, hands-on equipment demonstration, structured practical sessions and a team-based case study problem, covering the diesel engine engineering principles and practices necessary to effectively understand a modern diesel engine. Types of engines addressed include naturally aspirated, turbocharged, pre-chamber, open chamber, light duty, and heavy duty.

Attendees will be able to articulate basic diesel engine terminology and principles; describe the key features of the basic types of diesel engines; compare various diesel fuel injection systems and their components; analyze the effects of different fuels on engine performance and longevity; compare the function and applicability of various air management systems; list the various emission standards and testing requirements; detail the elements of post-combustion emission control devices; discuss emerging diesel engine technologies

The 2013 Diesel Engine Technology Engineering Academy begins each day at 8 a.m., and there will be some evening sessions.

For a complete course description and registration information, please visit


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